Tuesday, July 7, 2009

07/06/09 Ransom's Grooming

Sucha good boy!

Got the clipper batteries charged up while I fixed dinner & tended to the indoor "kids". Thunder loomed in the distance, but I just had this sneakie feeling the rains weren't coming - ittie bittie radar blues sat just on the county lines...

Ransom's ears are clipped, his face is trimmed, muzzle cleaned, bridle path clipped, hooves trimmed up, ankles cleaned, tail brushed, and mane shortened. He shook his cute little head one time while I was finishing up an ear... otherwise, very still, and very cooperative.

Very very good pony! I got more accomplished than I thought I would, leaving one full night this week wide open. I had planned just the clippers for one night, and mane for another night. Now, with all those little details done, it leaves a night for Romeo.

Thought about grabbing the Little Man after I groomed last night, but I just wasn't feeling up to it. Spent the evening doing a few house chores, and vegetating in front of the TV, absolutely lazy.

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