Friday, July 24, 2009

07.23 - 07.27 Vacation Part II Friday

Woke up at a decent hour, found our cappacino machine unfortunately thought leaking water was better than being operational, darnit!

Met my parents for breakfast at a restaurant nearby. Of the things I miss from back home Yankee land, the food is it! Regular restaurants with normal food, no specialty cuisine, just normal stuff. Initial introduction was good. Got to catch up with my parents on quite a few things, which was great!

We parted company to go run a few errands separately, then met up again at my house. The house I grew up in. Of course, on the way there, I tried to give R a brief snapshot of some of the area. "Here's this town, here's this landmark, ain't that bridge cool!? Hey, check out the size of that river! Look at the bridge! It's the shape of a beaver! Look here, and here, and here, and..." insert sensory overload!. I'm sure it was a lot to take in. I got to see my old alma mater, nearly complete with highway reroute construction. It's still beautiful as before, and certainly a lot safer for students on campus.

Arrived at home, grabbed a drink, and settled in for good conversation for a while. We realized it would be a while until supper, and, both exhausted, we decided to head back to the hotel for about an hour's nap or so. Much much needed rest. I don't remember being awake for long before crashing asleep.

Woke up, headed back to my mom's house, and enjoyed dad's steak dinner. Fabulous food, as always. I learned to cook from two of the best when it comes to plain old normal stuff, and this meal was no exception. I had a craving for ice cream, so we piled all up in the car, and went to Bruster's, a local favorite. The weather was phenominal, so there was quite the crowd lined up at the order windows.

Back to the house, more good conversation, and a great relaxing first day. Not too rushed and relaxing for me. I got to see a lot of different parts of the region again, from the driver's seat window, and got to catch up with family. A very nice time. Watching & listening to R and Dad conversate, and seeing how well they were getting along, even better!

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