Monday, July 27, 2009

07.23 - 07.27 Vacation Part II Monday

Up at 2:30am. What was I thinking, booking that 6am departure?! Well, oh well. What's done is done... Showered, dressed, and ready to leave by 3:45am.

Pittsburgh International Airport. Boarding passes, check. Bags delivered, check. Security, check. One of my most peaceful trips through PIT, especially through security. I didn't have a special bag check, I didn't get "extra screened", they just let me on through. Finally! Taking R along must be the secret to travelling peacefully.. Got to be!

Grabbed breakfast & coffee, and boarded the plane. A rocky flight, with plenty of turbulence. Nevertheless, I got a nifty nap or three in. Sleep in short spurts, but sleep anyways. Arrived in Hot Humid Houston half hour ahead of schedule, and happy to be back.

Nabbed our bags, and my truck, and some city shopping before heading to our little hometown. Stopped in my favorite saddle shop, where I got leather conditioner and a cheap replacement bridle (naughty Ransom!). Went to a food & liquor specialty store, complete shopping sensory overload! They had just a little bit of everything international. Picked up some whole wheat potato gnocchi, a favorite from back in PA. YUM-o! Stopped in one more shop on the way, then headed home.

Kids are all happy to see me! Got my sweetheart delivered back to his house, my things unpacked, kids all fed their supper, me fed my supper, laundry cleaned up & put back in its place, and settled in on the couch with the girls. After about an hour, by 8:40pm, it became apparent my eyes were longing for the inside of my eyelids. Half asleep by 9:00pm, out dead to the world by 9:45pm.

A good vacation, and family approval. It was nice to go visit, but it's just as good to be home. Wow... home... did I just say that?!

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