Monday, July 13, 2009

7/12/09 FreeStyle Farms - Show Day! Intro B

We took another break, I snagged some out-of-the-saddle time again, and hung out with Jen and R for a bit. Ransom stood by, in the shade, and snagged some good attention from a few girls sitting outside the warm-up arena.

A ride before my final test was to start, I hopped back on, and got a few more laps around the warm-up arena accomplished. He was still solid. We had one minor disagreement, a tinge of "Momma, I'm sick of this.. Stop making me work." I responded with two spurs and a growl, and he gave up.

Test Intro B was Fantastic! Again, I was happy to be out there, smiling away throughout the test. Thinking to myself, "I've got my friends here, someone who loves me dearly baking in the sun with that video camera, a horse that's cooking and sweating, but still cheerfully doing his job. This is awesome! Nothing bad happening. Yeah, I think when we're done with this test, we'll go punch out some canter, and call it a day."

Final Score? 63.5 - the best of the three! Better yet, it earned me first place of three riders. Cool deal, huh? =) I was quite proud of Ransom, and, oh yeah! Happy for me, too!


Stephanie said...

Woot Woot!! Sounds like you had a super fantastic time!

Jennifer said...

We did have fun, which was the original intent. Solid rides, and a fun change from riding at home.