Thursday, July 16, 2009

07/14/09 Romeo Round 2

I had a fantastic dinner offer for Tuesday night, so I told Romeo, "Be thankful, Little Man. Momma almost put you back in hunt tack & made that crossrail into a vertical."

Saddled him up Western, including his Western bit. We rode walk, trot, canter, for about 40 minutes. Had our usual argument of, "No, dude. Just 'cuz I asked for walk to canter last transition don't mean everyone after is the same thing. Just walk to trot, ding dong."

Cooled him out walking around the pasture, Ransom out free. I found a little "dirt trail" that Ransom had obviously made sneaking in the shade. Ransom found this none to amusing. As Romeo and I were walking along it, Ransom would back off, then trot or canter up to us, slamming on the brakes just shy of running into us. I was surprised - Ransom was even running around the trees to "greet us" facing whatever trail we were peeking out of. Romeo considered running along with him a few times, but all I had to do was add a little rein and say "Whoa", and he'd stop. Ransom got quite silly, and I was able to keep Romeo's mind on me. He knew Ransom was goofing around, but also remembered his job was to haul me around carefully. We even walked through piles of limbs, and he pludged straight on through without a pause.

Fun 50 minute ride overall.

Wednesday night off, Thursday Ransom packs back to work. Looking forward to being back on my big monster show winner!

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